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Landed ANOTHER paid role in the new Adam Sandler movie! Plus I just uploaded a Halloween animation...

2016-11-02 19:53:03 by Vinstigator


Before I talk about my 2nd featured role in the new Adam Sandler movie, check out my Halloween animation I recently uploaded. I want to thank @tomfulp for putting it in the 2016 Halloween Collections page! I'm part of Newgrounds history... again ;)


Also here is my video where I met Adam Sandler for the first time...


Now about my 2nd role. Last month I told you guys that I landed a paid role in the new Adam Sandler movie where I would play Terry Crews' trainer, and that I could potentially land a 2nd role in the movie as a Prison Guard. Well, it happened, and now I have a featured role as a Prison Guard as well!

This was a Union role so I was making $20 to $30 an hour, got all the benefits a union member would receive, and got my first Screen Actors Guild Voucher (these are extremely difficult to obtain, so I am very thankful that I have one). If I get 3 vouchers in total, I am eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild, where I would be entitled to more pay and residuals. Here is a link to the official site so you can see all the benefits I would get...


Out of 5 Prison Guards, I was the only one to get his own scene. Right when Adam Sandler walks in the Prison to sit down, you can see me escorting a prisoner to his wife and newborn child. As they hug for a few seconds, I play the asshole Guard and separate them, scold him, then tell him to sit his ass down. I actually came up with that scene and it got the approval from both the director and Adam Sandler himself!

Originally they just wanted me to escort the prisoner and then go back to my original position. But I remembered when I did my scenes with Terry Crews that they gave us the freedom to improvise, so that's how the scene came to life. Then after I tell the inmate to sit down, I give him a death stare and start pacing around the Prison with my hand on my weapon the whole time. I am prominently featured throughout the whole 5 minute scene. It's one of the opening scenes and takes place in Alaska. Here is a picture of me in my Prison Guard uniform. And yes, they made my badge using a picture of me they took on set...


Now what's cool is that Terry Crews has been extremely supportive of me. Here is one of the first posts he liked. He's liked several of my posts ever since. Keep in mind that I didn't even tag him, I just gave him a quick shout-out for being an inspiration and for allowing me to be his trainer...


And here's the video of him giving us props in person...


I want to thank all of you who have been supportive of me, it really means a lot. Shout out to Tom Fulp for the support and encouragement as well! He genuinely is excited to see this movie as, in his words, it will be a pretty surreal experience to see me in a movie with Terry Crews and Adam Sandler. Check out my official IMDB Page to see what upcoming Movies/TV Shows I will be featured in. I have quite a few projects in the works, so expect it to be updated often...


Also check out the official IMDB Page of "Sandy Wexler". I've officially been added to the cast...


A trailer will be released soon, so I will let you guys know as soon as it's uploaded! In the meantime, check out the video of Adam Sandler thanking us for being in his movie...



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2016-11-02 20:47:33

That's awesome dude, congrats.hopefully this leads to other opportunities.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks! And yes, it is already helping me get more opportunities. The fact that I have already worked a Union set and obtained a Screen Actors Guild Voucher has opened up so many opportunities for me! For example, directors are now more inclined to cast me in a role that is meant for a Union member. Just need 2 more vouchers to join the Screen Actors Guild. Wish me luck...


2016-11-03 02:05:31

will you be in Pixel 2?

Vinstigator responds:

If Adam Sandler decides to hire my Casting Director for the project, then there is a 95 percent chance I will get a featured role in Pixels 2. There's also a possibility I might even land a role in Grown Ups 3!


2016-11-12 09:20:16

Pretty cool to hear you're even making bits of the script now! ;) Seen most of the pictures/videoclips in the earlier post, but awesome news regardless. Good to hear it's still going great.

Vinstigator responds:

Yeah it's pretty cool to have some type of creative control for a big movie like this!


2017-01-24 22:53:47

And this old account clearly still works

Vinstigator responds:

Glad you were able to recover your account Thomas!


2017-02-18 01:33:40

Dude nice! I wish I could get the opportunity to work with people like that. Especially Terry Crews. I practically grew up listening to that man complain about money on everybody hates Chris! lol

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks! Yeah working with Terry Crews was one of the coolest experiences of my life. There hasn't been a role of his that I haven't liked! Damon, Cheeseburger Eddie, Larrell, "Bedtime" Bobby Barnes... all of his characters are fuckin' hilarious! Meeting Adam Sandler for the first time will always be one of the greatest moments for me. I grew up watching all of his movies, and now I get to be in them with him. It's pretty surreal when I think about it...


2017-02-27 18:36:36

nice to see that you are doing well Vince! its been many years, cheers!

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks Dave! Movie will be released on Netflix April 14th, 2017. Also got a worldwide distribution deal as well which puts my music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and Pandora! Look up Vinstigator on any of those stores and you will find me. Good to hear from you again!