2006 Submissions

2005 Submissions

CT: Fall of Guardia Part1 CT: Fall of Guardia Part1 Rated Stars This series takes place after the original Chrono Trigger. Drama Vince Trigger 2 Vince Trigger 2 Rated Stars Shin is back to wreak havoc on Newgrounds. It's up to Vince to save us once again! Comedy - Parody ChronoTriggerLive ChronoTriggerLive Rated Stars ChronoTriggerLive Comedy - Parody Vince Trigger: SE Vince Trigger: SE Rated Stars Shin2k27 & Moogleslayer are taking over Newgrounds. Only one man can stop them... Vince. Comedy - Parody ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5 ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5 Rated Stars ChronoTriggerLegendsEp5 FF:The New Empire Part 6 FF:The New Empire Part 6 Rated Stars Final fantasy 3 Drama Vince Trigger Vince Trigger Rated Stars Marle has been kidnapped by the evil Shin2k27, and Vince is the only one who can save her. Comedy - Parody FF: Warfare 8 FF: Warfare 8 Rated Stars The Heroes of Final Fantasy continue in the tournament of their lives. Will they survive? Drama FFVI:The Day After Part14 FFVI:The Day After Part14 Rated Stars The battle with Kefka is fast approaching so the returners make their final preperations. Action FFVI:The Day After Part13 FFVI:The Day After Part13 Rated Stars The Returners make their last stand against the insane psychopath, Bekkler! Action ChronoTrigger ChronoTrigger Rated Stars Chrono Trigger: The Escape Action Robo's Review Commentary Robo's Review Commentary Rated Stars Robo has a new feature: He can now comment on reviews! Comedy - Parody CT: The Pendant (Trailer) CT: The Pendant (Trailer) Rated Stars Chrono Trigger: The Escape - Trailer Other FFVI:The Day After Part12 FFVI:The Day After Part12 Rated Stars Cyan wakes up in a familiar, yet unwelcoming place from his past. Drama FFVI:The Day After Part11 FFVI:The Day After Part11 Rated Stars The Returners start their journey to the Esper world only to find a familiar face... Action FFVI:The Day After Part10 FFVI:The Day After Part10 Rated Stars After seeing who Kefka's assassin is, the Returners begin their search for the artifact. Action FFVI: The Day After Part9 FFVI: The Day After Part9 Rated Stars After turning into her Esper form, Terra suddenly remembers an ancient artifact... Action